Level 3 Dysphagia Training

Welcome to Hobbs Rehabilitation Level 3 Dysphagia Training hosted on our learning platform, The MiNT Academy. Please take the time to sign in/sign up to The MiNT Academy to continue with this training, by clicking the button below.
The online training consists of 4 modules, followed by a final summary assessment. 
The modules are split into 2 sections each containing a video and a self-assessed end-of-module quiz.
The final summary assessment will follow after completion of each module and will consist of 24 questions, requiring a 87.5% passing grade (21/24).

Once completed you will be awarded your Level 3 Dysphagia Practitioner certificate.
This online training is not timed, however, it is expected to take approximately 50 minutes.

Contact us at hiowicb-hsi.hobbsrehabilitation@nhs.net
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