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RehabWeek is a week-long event that brings together different conferences in the field of rehabilitation technology at the same time and place in order to foster cross-disciplinary communication and the development of relationships between different players. The conference includes common keynote lectures and other mutually organized sessions, such as panel discussions and poster sessions. In addition, each conference also organizes its own, conference specific sessions


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The MiNT Academy 
Program Overview

RehabWeek2022 is a week-long event spanning Monday 25th July until Friday 29th July 2022; with Workshops taking place on 25th, and participant programs (sessions) on 26th-28th. You can view a full RehabWeek program here.
Scientific/Clinical Workshop
Monday 25th July: MiNT and CEN (European Centre for Neurosciences)

How Do Clinicians Combine Patient Goals, Clinical Evidence and Neurotechnology to Maximise Patient Recovery in Rehabilitation?

Speaker Sessions
Tuesday 26th July

Session 1 - Masterclass in Neurotechnology
Session 2 - Collaboration through The MINT Academy
                 with MotusAcademy

Wednesday 27th July 

Session 3 - Education through The MiNT Academy
                 with TyroMotion
Session 4 - Product Development through The MiNT Academy
                 with NeuroVirt and ABLE Human Motion

Thursday 28th July
Session 5 - Research through The MiNT Academy
                 with Evolv


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Monday 25th July - scientific/clinical Workshop Title

How Do Clinicians Combine Patient Goals, Clinical Evidence and Neurotechnology to Maximise Patient Recovery in Rehabilitation?

As clinical providers of neurorehabilitation, Hobbs Rehabilitation (UK) and Centre Europeo de Neurociencias (Spain) both have a strong ethos of ensuring high quality clinical reasoning is used when applying neurotechnology in clinical practice. Collaboration between these centres demonstrates that this rehabilitation approach not only crosses geographical boundaries, but is essential for relevant device development by engineers and enhances the effective uptake of technologies by clinicians.

This interactive workshop will explore the scientific background to clinical application, starting with a theoretical overview of essential treatment principles including neuroplasticity and intensity. Clinicians will then introduce a neurological patient, presenting a case study history and current problem list.
Delegates will have the opportunity to interact with clinicians and the patient as they explore multiple different treatment approaches to address the current clinical problem. This demonstration will combine conventional therapy approaches with different current and novel technologies, with devices from multiple companies being presented. The advantages and disadvantages of devices will be objectively and pragmatically evaluated, alongside how using a combination of treatments can optimise patient outcomes.

A framework will be provided to support delegates in their own clinical reasoning, prompting engineers to consider the patient holistically and encouraging clinicians to challenge their practice in more depth. The session will conclude with empowered delegates being able to choose and justify their preferred treatment approach, respecting that this may vary between individuals so long asclinical reasoning is sound.

An emphasis on maximising recovery and minimising compensations will run throughout theworkshop, linking back to clinical drivers of normal movement patterns, functional gains andmeaningful activities. Throughout the week, the MiNT Society will also host 5 presentations. They will each be 90 minutes long and will be a round table format with some formal presentations, breakout groups and some demonstrations. There will be some patient participation and the sessions will be interactive and inclusive, with audience participation encouraged. Join us!

Enhance Your Skillset

Learn why dosage is so important for patient outcomes and how choosing the right device at the right time for the right patient is crucial to their effective rehabilitation. 
TUESDAY 26th July - Speaker SESSIONs
session 1 / 11:45 - 13:15

How Can We Join Efforts?
Overview of the Rehabilitation Technology Education Landscape

session 2 / 17:00 - 18:30

Collaboration through The MINT Academy
Networking to Standardise Neurotechnology Education and 
Clinical Application

WEDNESDAY 27th July - Speaker Presentations
session 3 / 11:45 - 13:15

Education through The MiNT Academy
Transforming Clinicians into Clinical Device Specialists and Extracting Data for Companies

session 4 / 17:00 - 18:30

Product Development through The MiNT Academy  Designing Clinically Appropriate Devices
in the Complex
Arena of Neurorehabilitation

thursday 28th July - Speaker Presentations
session 5 / 11:45 - 13:15

Research through The MiNT Academy
The Crucial Involvement of Clinical Partnerships in Future Product Development

Together, we'll identify and overcome 
the challenges which limit the implementation of technology into clinical practice


Consultancy Packages 


Clinical Education


Clinical Trials

Hobbs Rehabilitation Speakers

Helen Hobbs
Alison Watt
Chrissy Bibby
Laura Marriott
Amy Dennis-Jones
Rachael Edwards
clinical director & co-founder of hobbs rehabilitation

Helen Hobbs

Helen is a specialist neurological physiotherapist with over 25 years of specialist clinical experience and extensive clinical skills including advanced Bobath training. She has a special interest in clinical education, training and research. She held postgraduate clinical training roles at both Kings College NHS Hospital London Neuroscience Centre and Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust before establishing Hobbs Rehabilitation in 2005.

Her teaching and leadership skills resulted in international scholarships and fellowships taking her to the USA and South Africa. She has presented both nationally and internationally. Helen has close links with several academic institutions including Southampton, Imperial College, Loughborough , Portsmouth and Winchester Universities to provide clinical leadership for the design of future healthcare technologies and research projects.

Specialist Neurological & Research Physiotherapist

Alison Watt

Alison is a Specialist Neurological and Research Physiotherapist with over 10 years of clinical experience, the majority within specialist neurological services. Based in the UK, Alison has worked both in the NHS and Independent Sector, now working at Hobbs Rehabilitation in a split clinical and research role. This includes leading MiNT, an innovative neurotechnology platform combining clinical education and product development.

Alison also has teaching experience at multiple UK academic institutions, holding a Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Education. Working as the Lead Clinician on multiple research projects within Hobbs Rehabilitation, Alison is passionate about driving forward the use of neurotechnology in clinical practice to optimise opportunities and outcomes for patients.
Specialist Neurological Speech & Language Therapist

Chrissy Bibby

Chrissy has worked in the field of adult acquired neurological speech and language therapy for 14 years, initially in the NHS before joining Hobbs Rehabilitation, where she now leads the speech therapy team. Chrissy trained as a teacher before embarking on her career in neurological rehabilitation and enjoys using her teaching skills in all areas of her work with Hobbs.

She has a special interest in motor speech disorders and rehabilitation of the facial nerve, and is excited to be part of the MiNT team, to encourage the marriage of speech and language therapy and neurotechnology, for the benefits of the communication impaired client. 

Outside of speech therapy, Chrissy enjoys singing with her
local rock choir, baking, camping with her family, swimming
and cycling. 
Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist

Laura Marriott

Laura is a specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist with 15 years of experience, over 12 years of which is in the neurological sector. Laura has worked in the NHS from acute care through to community rehabilitation and outpatients and now works in the private sector where  she is the lead Occupational Therapist for Hobbs Intensive outpatient rehabilitation service, coordinating intensive rehabilitation packages and treating patients with complex neurological requirements. Her role within Hobbs has evolved and she also has a split clinical and research role. She is part of the core team working on The MiNT Academy, an innovative neurotechnology platform combining clinical education and product development as well as leading on research projects and further collaborations. Laura has expert clinical skills used to implement neuro assistive and rehabilitation technology into functional contexts building the links between the companies and the patients. Laura has also presented Virtual Rehabilitation week 2021 and is excited to be presenting at Rehabilitation week 2022 discussing the merits and application of collaboration between skilled clinicians and engineers to create a device that has longevity with both clinicians and patients alike.  Outside of Hobbs Laura enjoys a busy family life, hiking, roller skating and painting.
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

Amy Dennis-Jones

Amy has over 18 years experience working within the field of Neurological rehabilitation. She has worked with a variety of settings capturing the full rehabilitation pathway from acute through to the community. 

Since working for Hobbs Rehabilitation in 2015, Amy has worked with an array of neurotechnologies and is a trained Rewalk exoskeleton clinician. She has presented at varying conference and study days, and is on the local committee for ACPIN, a specialist interest group for physiotherapists working in Neurology.

Her role within Hobbs has evolved and she also has a split clinical and research role. She is part of the core team working on MiNT, an innovative neurotechnology platform combining clinical education and product development as well as leading on research projects and further collaborations.
Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist

Rachael Edwards

Rachael Edwards developed a specialist interest in the role of technology in upper limb Neurorehabilitation, whilst working as an Occupational Therapist on the upper limb program at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. 

Rachael has relocated to Bristol and is setting up an OT service at Hobbs Rehabilitation Intensive Neurotherapy Centre, where she continues to explore the use of technology to support delivering intensive upper limb rehabilitation. 

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