One of the most important things we can do to create a product that meets our user's needs is to involve them in the design. For the ABLE Exoskeleton, the clinician and the patient are both essential users of the device, and we value how MiNT allows us to integrate the perspectives of both. Through this platform we've gotten to engage with the Hobbs team to get meaningful feedback on our work, and understand how to best create a tool for effective rehabilitation.
We have been delighted to work with Hobbs Rehabilitation and The University of Winchester on our RCT with The GMove Suit in Stroke affected patient populations. The Team are highly focused, easy to work with & competent and have provided us with invaluable ability to support this significant investment in clinic outcomes.
Collaborating with clinical experts and patients at Hobbs Rehabilitation has provided unique insight that helped guide product development so that it meets patient and clinical needs from the initial development steps.
This is an exceptional program to support health technology translation and the development of new ideas into R&D.
MiNT is bridging the gap between industry, practitioners and patients. I believe it's the most pragmatic initiative that the community has been able to put together; just what everyone has been talking about in the past 20 years,
but finally being done. 
CEO & CO-FOUNDER, twiice
Piloting a product in healthcare can be such a challenge that it is beyond many start-ups. MiNT offer an excellent solution to that problem with committed staff, engaged patients, and in-depth feedback about your product. 

Consultancy Packages

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As a retired doctor who has a wide, first hand experience of physiotherapy in the USA and the UK after a spinal cord injury, I know that there is none better than Hobbs Rehabilitation
Taking the fear out of neurotech and great opportunity for learning and networking.
Our patients are keen to engage in our clinical trials. They value the opportunity to try new therapy devices, which when combined with hands-on therapy, offer them advanced opportunity to reach their goals. A welcome by-product of taking part in the trials is the education on their condition, their own responses to treatment and how advances in neurotechnology can shape the future of rehabilitation.
Joe Green
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist
An online platform providing a one-stop-shop for neurotechnology education and training is revolutionary. With neurotechnology evolving at the rate it is, being able to have a reliable source of information that is aimed at clinicians with easy access to support is exactly what is needed right now.
Lizzie Williams
Neurological Physiotherapist
I was impressed by the incredible work you all do. The genuine care and support I witnessed throughout the day. From the warm welcome to the informative insights, you all made me feel like part of the family.
Ahmet Begde
Doctoral Researcher

Clinical Education

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It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would absolutely recommend Hobbs Rehabilitation to anyone. Utterly Fantastic Staff, The VR tech, was easy to use, and potentially beneficial for people with limb damage.
John Wishart
Debbie and I would just like to thank you and the team for the opportunity to try the NeuroVirt. Debbie was very positive about it which is great
Colin Moynihan
Neurovirt Trials
Being a part of a research trial is a really interesting way to learn about new developments in neurotechnology. I not only learned about the technology but also about my own body each time. It is great to be a part of the process in developing devices to help people like me.
Megan Ross
AiBle Project tRIALS
Debbie and I would just like to thank you and the team for the opportunity to try the NeuroVirt. Debbie was very positive about it which is great
Colin Moynihan
Neurovirt Trials
It’s 4 years since my accident and I have just proven that over the space of a month I can make what may not look like much but in the scheme of things are significant improvements given the impact they have on my life.
Ed Jackson
Helen Hobbs and her team were an integral part of my rehabilitation, and Road to Rio, from a horrible fall that left me in an induced coma. The speed of my recovery was only possible through the support of Helen and her team, and the confidence that their advice gave me helped me push forward and be part of team GB at the Rio Olympics.
William Fox-pitt

Clinical Trials

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After my acute hospital stage I underwent a long rehab process, something which I'm still undergoing, it's very long and tiring but every week I see improvements which spurs me on to become better than the week before. Rehab is so important to me as it has taught me how to become independent again!
Jess Walling
Having been affected by Transverse Myelitis I have experienced a whole host of neurotechnology at Hobbs and seen the benefits of intensive rehabilitation. Now I am helping others access specialist rehabilitation through my Challenge TM initiative... look it up and spread the word to get others the help they desperately need!
Ted Reddick
Hobbs offers a unique combination of person to person and technologically enhanced physiotherapy. This produces outstanding results as in my case - walking on a treadmill after a high level spinal cord injury.
John G
FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) for my foot drop makes walking so much safer and easier. I know that I can speak with my therapist if I have any issues and trust that they have the clinical expertise to problem solve these with me.
Lucy S
I am a big advocate for neurotechnology and enjoy accessing devices for both my arm and my leg. Neurotechnology allows me to move my body in ways that would not be possible without it; I can see how hard my body is working and can definitely feel the difference afterwards.
Laura W
Being able to access neurotechnology on a regular basis allows me to maintain the progress I have made and continue to push myself with the support of clinicians. Their clinical expertise and confidence in using neurotechnology allows me to get the most out of my sessions.
Geoff c

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