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Masterclass in Neurotechnology

Clinical Device Specialist

Become a Clinical Device Specialist or a MiNT Mentor/Trainer for the specific device you have studied and used, upon completion of our Masterclass in Neurotechnology.
Level 1 and 2 are both online and free! Level 3 onwards are a mix of online and practical with study days and workshops, as well as the chance to use the device of your choice in your own clinical practice.
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Enhance Your Skillset

Learn why dosage is so important for patient outcomes and how choosing the right device at the right time for the right patient is crucial to their effective rehabilitation. 
Masterclass in Neurotechnology

Level 1 + 2

Our Masterclass in Neurotechnology Level 1 is a free online learning course! Providing a breadth of theory into the background, principles and role of neurotechnology. The successful completion of this module is a pre-requisite for access to Level 2, device specific courses. Level 2 will see you choose a specific device to learn about why and how this could be used to benefit your patients. Level 2 is yet to be released. You can start Level 1 now and receive your Level 1 MiNT Academy Certification upon completion.
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Masterclass in Neurotechnology

Level 3+

At this point the training takes the form of a practical days working with the specific device you have chosen.
Level 3 will give you the opportunity to work with the device yourself, applying it to a patient and use clinical reasoning tools to truly understand device applicability. Level 4 will see you become a Clinical Device Specialist and Level 5 can see you becoming a Trainer of a specific device and to teach Level 3 and 4 courses, in a paid role!

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What Practitioners Say...

An online platform providing a one-stop-shop for neurotechnology education and training is revolutionary. With neurotechnology evolving at the rate it is, being able to have a reliable source of information that is aimed at clinicians with easy access to support is exactly what is needed right now.
Lizzie Williams
Neurological physiotherapist
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