Clinical Trials

The involvement of patients from design and creation through to a product being used in clinical practice is key for neurotechnology.
If you’re interested in participating in research, clinical trials and product design fill out the Research Consent form.
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A message from Chrissy Bibby, 
Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
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Get hands-on with neurotechnology in the early stages and have your say to determine how well the technology works in practice. You won't just learn more about neurotechnology, you'll learn more about your body, too.
To refer for the clinical trials please fill out the Research Consent form below. Alternatively, if you require a paper-copy please contact

What Patients Say...

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would absolutely recommend Hobbs Rehabilitation to anyone. Utterly Fantastic Staff, The VR tech, was easy to use, and potentially beneficial for people with limb damage.
One device, multiple opportunities

How Does Your Interdisciplinary Team Work With Technology?

Watch to learn how your physio, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist and more can all work with the same devices and use them entirely differently! Sometimes together, sometimes as your single therapist, the possibilities are endless...
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Patient story

Meet Will

Will shared his experiences with us for our virtual presentation at RehabWeek 2021.
Watch his interview where he tells us what happened to him and how events unfolded after his stroke.

Will's Rehabilitation

Here we show how a combination of conventional therapy is used with a range of neurotechnology to help Will achieve his main goals. The neurotechnology is helping him to learn real-life actions (functional tasks) such as cleaning his BBQ and walking across fields to watch his boys play football... technology is great, but ultimately, it's all about people!
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