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Find out about the past and upcoming MiNT Academy events. Each event involves therapists and clinical device specialists, working with neurological patients, using clinical reasoning to explore the application of technology within clinical practice.
Events vary in size, focus and content and will run across the country where demand is highest. A bi-annual conference will be a focal point in The MiNT Academy calendar with smaller meetings being run throughout the year. Let us know where, when and what you would like to see us cover using the form on our Contact page

Upcoming Events

Explore all of The MiNT Academy's upcoming events.

RehabWeek 2022

Monday 25th July - Friday 29th July 2022
RehabWeek is a week-long event that brings together different conferences in the field of rehabilitation technology at the same time and place in order to foster cross-disciplinary communication and the development of relationships between different players. The conference includes common keynote lectures and other mutually organized sessions, such as panel discussions and poster sessions. In addition, each conference also organizes its own, conference specific sessions.

SEHTA 2022 International MedTech Expo

thursday 13th oCTOBER 09:00-17:00 bst 
For over 17 years, South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) has developed an excellent reputation for support of its 1,400+ members, especially SMEs, through its one-to-one mentoring, fund-finding, consultancy and events programme.
Last year we ran our 2nd International MedTech Expo & Conference, as an hybrid - a combination of an attended in-person and virtual event, aimed at SME’s, Corporates, Academics & NHS Healthcare Providers, designed to take the programme of support to another level. We had 35 Sponsors and Exhibitors from all over the UK, Europe and Rest of the World and over 150 delegates took part.  
For 2022 we are organising this event as an attended live event only.

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Past Events

Explore all of The MiNT Academy's past events.

The MiNT Academy, 2018

Our first MiNT Academy event was our inaugural MiNT conference in 2018. This was held over two days, and comprised a number of lectures exploring the research, principles behind and usage of neurotechnology, followed by 15 simultaneous practical workshops on the second day. Each of these workshops explored a different piece of neurotechnology, with companies such as Tyromotion, Ekso Bionics, Evolv Rehab, Hocomo, Fourier, ReWalk and Myomo all in attendance. Each workshop had a company device specialist, a Hobbs clinical specialist and a patient at the centre, and delegates were able to attend their choice of three workshops. Feedback from this was phenomenal, but as some people wanted more depth and others wanted more breadth we realised that we would need to explore a range of different formats and structures in future.

The MiNT Academy, 2019 

The second MiNT Academy conference in 2019 was focusing on upper limb neurotechnology and using the same approach of empowering clinicians to clinically reason technology application. A combination of formal presentations and practical patient workshops delivered an engaging one day event. Again, feedback was really positive and it was clear that this was a concept that could grow. But it was also clear that this was a very wide ranging and far-reaching need, idea and intervention. MiNT required greater structure than previously considered.

Rehab Tech Summit, 2022

March 2022
The MiNT Academy was launched at Rehab Tech Summit, based in California, via a virtual webinar with live Q&A session: The Masterclass in Neurotechnology (MiNT).This year's summit kicked-off with "The Neuro Edition" on March 4-5, 2022 and runs until 8th April (recordings of the presentations are available during the Summit to view). The presentation outlined the MiNT concept and took the viewers on a tour of the brand new website in the international debut. Live Q&A were hosted by a team of clinicians including Helen Hobbs, co-founder and Clinical Director of Hobbs Rehabilitation. Those watching live were excited to hear and the initial feedback was very positive, with several practitioners signing up to MiNT right away and lots of industry contacts networking via the virtual exhibition booth and in a special virtual lounge afterwards. Plenty of enquiries have been followed up and discussions are in progress on how the MiNT academy education platform courses could become accredited in the US and across the world as part of recognised CPD. 

SEHTA Webinar

April 2022
Helen Hobbs, Clinical Director and co-founder of Hobbs Rehabilitation, alongside Alison Bean, Specialist Neurological and Research Physiotherapist and Amy Dennis-Jones, Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist introduced The MiNT Academy to industry and related sectors. 
Hosted by SEHTA (South East Health Technologies Alliance) Hobbs Rehabilitation presented The MiNT Academy an innovative new clinical consultancy platform enabling us to support companies and developers with clinically relevant product research and development.

EU Interreg AiBle Project

May 2022
AiBle is a 3-year UK/France cross-border EU Interreg project to improve the recovery experience of stroke patients with better treatment effects and efficiency by developing an upper-limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot based on AI and cloud computing.

Rehabilitation Research Collaboration Day

may 2022
This day event aimed to introduce clinical partners and rehabilitation businesses with academic colleagues at the University of Portsmouth whose research is focused around rehabilitation. The event was hosted by the University's Health & Wellbeing theme and the Physical Activity, Health & Rehabilitation theme within the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science.
The day included talks about ongoing rehabilitation research projects, demonstrations of equipment and facilities, and discussion around the following topics:
Musculoskeletal/neurological rehabilitation;
Early career research;
Collaboration between the University of Portsmouth and external partners.
You can view the past agenda here.

Past and Future of Assistive Technologies

JUNE 2022
A two-day summit of talks, activities, and workshops on the past and future of assistive technologies.
The UK, like Europe and worldwide, is experiencing a significant increase in the elderly population. In England, 74% of older people require support with physical activities, which adds to the younger population needing assistance due to illness, accidents, and trauma. This need of support is exacerbated by the staffing challenges reported in NHS hospitals, mental health services, and community providers with substantial socio-economic impact. Quality-of-life is affected both directly and indirectly, and the financial cost of long-term support in the UK last year was estimated to be around 15 billion pounds. Therefore, there is an urgent need of assistive technologies to allow the people in need of care to maintain and regain independence, creating a sustainable active community. Solutions are being proposed to cope with this challenge, including physical and socially assistive robots, intelligent logistics, and the IoT / Ambient Assisted Living. These fields present multiple scientific, engineering, and design challenges in a highly interdisciplinary framework. This workshop will bring together representatives from research, companies, and service users to discuss how new and existing assistive technology approaches have evolved over time and how the future landscape will be shaped.

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