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Together, we'll identify and overcome 
the challenges which limit the implementation of technology into clinical practice


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How much is it to become a MiNT member and what do I get?

Becoming a MiNT Member is free!

For Practitioners: Membership grants you access to our innovative educational platform as well as to regularly updated resources and content. If you are inspired to further your education in neurotechnology and potentially become a Clinical Device Specialist as well as a MiNT Academy Mentor & Trainer, you can work your way through the MiNT Academy Levels 1 to 5 to achieve this! Read more on the Practitioners page or start Level 1 now.

For Patients: By becoming a member you can access The MiNT Academy Levels 1 and 2 to learn more about neurotechnology. You can also register your interest in participating in research, clinical trials and product development! Head over to the patients page.

For Industry: If you are a tech company, engineer or product developer, you can find out how to benefit from our extensive experience working with emerging technologies. Take a look at our Industry page to see what we offer and contact us to arrange Step 1: a video call in the first instance. If it all works for you, select a Clinical Consultancy Package to suit your needs and we will collaborate on your product design, bringing clinical expertise and real patient trials to ensure your product is commercially viable as clinically relevant.

How can I sign up to The MiNT Academy? I want to become a
Clinical Device Specialist! 

Create an account with The MiNT Academy to become a member of MiNT for FREE 
Choose the MiNT Academy Level 1 to begin your clinical education.
You can use your MiNT Membership to to gain discounts on some our presentations and events too!

 I have a device that I want featured in The MiNT Academy: what is the process?

Thanks for your interest. 
Get in touch via our Contact page and we'll get back to you! 

I am an interested patient, is there anything within MiNT for me? 

Explore our Patients page to learn more about how the MiNT Academy can help you access the very best rehabilitation technology.
Create an account and you will have access to our Level 1 and 2 content, it's FREE!
If you would like to register your interest to take part in our clinical research trials using neurotechnology, go through our Contact button to give us your details and we'll be in touch!
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