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The MiNT Academy offers all neurotechnology companies a 1 hour introductory video call with up to three clinicians for free. During this time, we will learn more about you and your product, which will help us to understand how we can best to assist you.
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A message from Helen Hobbs, 
Clinical Director and Co-founder of Hobbs Rehabilitation

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Why should I collaborate with
The MiNT Academy?

  • Collaborative network including a clinical user group
  • Clinical partners in your research trials
  • Impartial feedback from patients and clinicians
As a market leader in technology application, Hobbs Rehabilitation began working closely with companies to help design, develop and research devices, providing companies with the clinical expertise needed to make their products more effective and marketable. 
Through our work with engineers, researchers and product developers, we recognised there was often a disconnect between device development and actual application in clinical practice. Our experience tells us that this is due to a number of factors, including a lack of clinician training, insufficient evidence and disjointed networks for collaboration. 
We believe that collaborations are essential, and must be built upon mutual understanding and a shared ethos.
Hobbs prides itself on being impartial and not simply working with one company and their devices. In order to maintain this equity of service, especially as requests for this involvement increased, we developed a structure for companies in the form of Clinical Consultancy Packages.

There are 3 stages with which we collaborate with companies interested in working with the MiNT Academy.  Following an initial email discussion ( the process is:

Step 1 – video call
This is a free 1 hour introductory video call with up to 3 clinicians. It allows Hobbs to learn more about the product, whilst the company will also receive some
initial feedback.

Step 2 – in-person clinician product demo
This is a half day with 4 clinicians where the company can demonstrate their device and will receive expert clinical feedback.
Step 3 – Clinical Consultancy Package
At the point of purchasing a Clinical Consultancy Package, a company officially becomes a licenced MiNT member. There are different levels of membership, each with the flexibility for bespoke services, depending on the company requirements, which are detailed below.

What Experts Say...

This is an exceptional program to support health technology translation and the development of new ideas into R&D

Clinical Consultancy Packages


For start-ups
and university
  • Product Trial with 10 Patients
  • Additional 5 hours of clinician support
  • Opportunity to work with Hobbs Rehabilitation on additional feasibility studies
  • Use of Hobbs Rehabilitation clinician quotes and generated media


For companies who are trialling products
  • All the perks from Bronze
  • Product supplied by company and used by Hobbs Rehabilitation in routine clinical practice for minimum of 3 months
  • Additional 15 hours of clinician feedback provided
  • Up to 8 hours of input on grant applications and trial planning
  • Provision of one case study or poster presentation


For companies with an established product on the market
  • All the perks from Silver
  • Product included on MiNT Academy Educational Platform Levels 2-4
  • Clinically relevant training material
  • Support from Hobbs Rehabilitation clinicians at conference and expo device demonstrations
  • Provision of two case studies or poster presentations


 For large companies
with international
  • All the perks from Gold
  • Product included on MiNT Academy Educational Platform Levels 2-5
  • Access to MiNT Academy clinical log-book data 
  • QR codes placed on device for direct access to
    associated MiNT content and courses
  • Access to the international MiNT network via collaborating centres
  • Fast-link to device on MiNT website homepage

If you are interested in any of our packages please get in touch with us at or alternatively via the contact form below. Remember, these are bespoke packages, and so we're sure we'll find the perfect package for your company.

Gold Clinical
Consultancy Package

At Gold Clinical Consultancy Package level,
your product can be used on our education
platform designed by clinicians, for clinicians!
  • Devices are exposed to a bigger clinical workforce and the principals of embedding their use into clinical practice is problem-solved and overcome through a systematic training approach.
  • Opportunity for evidence based clinical research and data collection, valuable for funding, grant applications and taking to market.
  • Receive a wider range of feedback from patients and clinicians for design improvements.
  • Benefit from your device being marketed and used effectively in clinical practice for the best possible clinical outcomes and gaining an early-adoptive market-base.

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